Customizer Guide

Product designer user-guide

Image Toolbar

If you click on an image in the customizer, you’ll see these effects buttons.

1. Crop Image

The crop feature allows you to crop the image however you want.

2. Image Mask

Want to have an image background as your text?
The masking option allows you to do that!

3. Image Filter Effects

With 20+ filters, you’ll have full control over the image.
Change the brightness – contrast and colors of the image however you want!

Layout Toolbar

On the other side, there are 4 options:

  • Colors
  • Position
  • Layers
  • Transform

1. Fill Color

Fill color applies to Shapes – text – some images
You can adjust the transparency, add and remove the stroke.

2. Layers

You can adjust the layers of elements, if you bring it forward, it’ll appear on top. And if you bring it backwards, it’ll go behind other elements

3. Position

you can place the selected object in the correct position with one click.
Switch the Lock object position to YES, if you want to design without affecting the current object

4. Transform

The transform settings allow you to rotate, skew and flip elements.

Masking Images

To mask an image and put it in a frame, you need to do these steps:

  • Choose a frame
  • Choose an image
  • Put the frame above the image and adjust the size
  • Click the mask option on the image
  • Select the appropriate frame

Changing the masked image

  • Click on the image
  • click on the replace image icon
  • choose your own image
  • crop and save