Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Hughes Memorial Cards for online sales in Ireland and Europe


Welcome to Hughes Memorial cards site. We recommend that you read thoroughly through this section to know the terms and conditions of use of our website.

When we refer to our website or Hughes Memorial cards in the Terms and Conditions section, it will mean us as the company, the website, our app or our services depending on the context.

Accessing our website, use of the website to browse through or make purchases, or registering your account on Hughes Memorial cards indicates by default your acceptance of the terms and conditions and our Cookies and Privacy Policy.

Use of our website also is taken to mean that you agree to abide by our sales terms and Returns and Exchange Policies.

If you do not wish to agree to these terms, please do not use our website for making purchases or for browsing through the sections.

Hughes Memorial cards may modify, delete or change the terms, the policy wordings or make updates periodically. We will ensure that you are informed of these changes whenever they take place. We urge you to please read through the terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Returns and Exchange policies from time to time to keep abreast of any changes.


Our website is meant for the personal use of consumers only. Please register on our website to be able to use the services mentioned in our website. While registering, please ensure you give your full name, email address and shipping address.

While members provide these details through your user account, maintaining their accuracy and security is up to the members. You would also be required to provide us a payment method when you make a purchase on our website. You may also choose to store your payment method on our website in which case we would ask for details of CV2 security number for completing the payment.

Hughes Memorial cards retains the right to suspend the payment or cancel it if there is use of invalid payment mode or if there is unauthorized use of somebody else’s credit or debit card.

Hughes Memorial cards also reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership account if there is reasonable suspicion to believe tampering or infringement of privacy or payment methods.

The membership is open only for users above the age of 16.

Our “Active Participation” policy specifies that you make a purchase once every year from the date of your initial registration. In the event that you do not make at least one purchase in an year, we may remove the content and data provided by you on our website and your membership on our website would stand cancelled.

Hughes Memorial cards currently operates globally. In the future, if Hughes Memorial cards discontinues its services in any of the countries or cities, your membership would also get automatically deleted in that region or country. You would receive a notification at least one month in advance from Hughes Memorial cards if there is any such discontinuation of service in any location. If in this period, you do not utilize your accumulated credit points or vouchers if any, these points or vouchers will expire. Hughes Memorial cards will not send a separate specific notice when the accumulated credit points or vouchers expire.

Digital image

If you are an active participant, you would get to upload and store an unlimited number of digital photographs through your membership account.

These photographs and images are allowed to be stored in your account for the sole purpose of creating personalized products which has the user’s images. The images or pictures are not to be stored or used for any other purpose other than the above mentioned purpose of creating personalized products.

If there is any breach of this agreement, Hughes Memorial cards reserves the right to suspend the membership account and delete all images and content. Hughes Memorial cards does not allow sharing or allowing access to personal data and images for commercial purposes or in return for payment.

The uploaded images must meet Hughes Memorial cards image specifications. Hughes Memorial cards may downsize the image, compress it, change the format, remove the red eye and enhance brightness at its discretion on any images you upload.

Hughes Memorial cards offers many services including:

  • Prints of images or the users photos
  • Customized services and products with the user’s name
  • Other services which may or may not be personalized

We recommend that you store your original content, pictures, images and photographs and ensure you have adequate backup copies of all content you upload at our website. Hughes Memorial cards should not be used as the sole source of any content that you upload through your membership account. In the event your membership is terminated, you would lose access to any content you previously would have uploaded on our website.

Hughes Memorial cards is not responsible for poor quality of images uploaded by users, omissions or wrong picture or images that users provide.


Hughes Memorial cards cannot be used to store or share data, content, images or photographs of any kind related to the following:

  • Use of copyrighted materials unless there is a written authorization from the concerned source
  • Any content, data or images that violates the rights and privacy of other members
  • Images, content, data that are contaminated with worms, viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious software or any other harmful data that may threaten the safety and security of Hughes Memorial cards website or services.
  • Illegal or unlawful material or images
  • Pornographic content or any content that we determine to be abusive, racial, deceptive, offensive, defamatory or discriminates anyone based on sex, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or disability, or otherwise unacceptable and inappropriate in any way
  • Content that is inappropriate for children or minors
  • Links to any such materials or other websites and sources
  • Impersonation of any other person or misrepresentation of one’s own identity
  • Gives out an impression that the inappropriate content comes from  Hughes Memorial cards 

Hughes Memorial cards will examine and evaluate all content that is uploaded through the membership accounts to scrutinize them for appropriateness. Hughes Memorial cards reserves the right to delete or cancel membership if any of the above is encountered at any point.

Using inappropriate content that infringes our policies and terms is prohibited on Hughes Memorial cards. It may not be possible for us to control and regulate every content that is uploaded although we make every effort to screen such content. Some content inadvertently may become accessible through our website for which we are not responsible. We request users and members to notify us of any such infringement by contacting us on our email.

Hughes Memorial cards reserves the right to withdraw such content without any prior notice.


Hughes Memorial cards may use third party software on any of its services or products through the website. Use of third party software requires that you agree and accept their terms and conditions set out on their website. Such agreements are between you and the third party provider and Hughes Memorial cards is not responsible for any of the clauses laid out by the third party. If you do not agree or accept the third party terms, please refrain from using the software.

Delivery of Photos and Gift Items

The following terms apply for order and delivery of products or services on our website:

Hughes Memorial cards primary business address is Redmond Place, Wexford Republic of Ireland and is the sole contract partner for online purchases.

Hughes Memorial cards undertakes to deliver products and services to customers who have permanent address at Europe and Ireland only.

We will send an acknowledgement once you place an order on our website. However, the acknowledgement does not indicate our acceptance of the order, but is only to confirm we received the order details.

Hughes Memorial cards reserves the right to accept the order at its sole discretion. Dispatch of goods or services to you indicates our acceptance of your order. When you place an order at Hughes Memorial cards, you are obligated to pay upon our acceptance of your order. We also reserve the right to cancel orders before delivery at our sole discretion regardless of whether your credit or debit card has been charged.

The cancellation could be related to any circumstance that warrants further evaluation of payment methods or credit card conditions, errors in the order or infringement of any of our privacy or terms. In the event Hughes Memorial cards cancels an order but you have been already charged on credit or debit card, the amount will be refunded to the indicated account.

Hughes Memorial cards also reserves the right to cancel an order despite its acceptance if there is any violation or breach of terms, privacy policy or other security related matters. If the breach or violation so warrants, Hughes Memorial cards may charge you for the printing and order processing costs.

Hughes Memorial cards indicates the approximate time it would take for delivery of each product or service on the website along with the product description. Although we make every effort to dispatch the orders within the indicated timeframe, these times are indicative only and are not guaranteed dates of delivery. Hughes Memorial cards will deliver products within thirty days of acceptance of order.

Pricing and shipping

Hughes Memorial cards mentions the prices in Euros against each product or service on the website. We also make efforts to make sure these prices are as accurate as possible according to the relevant information that users enter while making the purchase.

Products prices may change from time to time, and from region to region. The price of product that you have already purchased will however not change.

All prices are not inclusive of VAT as applicable in Europe and Ireland. If there is a change in VAT before the product is delivered to you, Hughes Memorial cards will adjust the price accordingly. If you have already made full payment before the change in VAT, we will not charge you extra accordingly or refund any amount.

All pricing on our website are not inclusive of delivery or shipping charges. Delivery charges depend on your location and will be indicated on your check out after you confirm the order.

Although Hughes Memorial cards may make every effort to ensure accurate pricing of all the products available on the website, there may be errors at times despite the best efforts. We will make every effort to intimate our users of the change in pricing in such instances while also providing the option of cancellation of order or purchasing at the correct price.

In these instances, we will hold the order until we get a confirmation from you as to whether you would continue to purchase or cancel. If for any reason, we are not able to reach you or contact you using the details you provided at the time of ordering, the order would stand cancelled.

Hughes Memorial cards has the right to change and modify prices of the products at any time on its website.

Return/Refund & Cancellation Policy

If we verify that we have made an error or agree that manufacturing defects exist within the print product, we will re-run the order or issue a full refund.

Return/Refund – any item/s printed incorrectly by Hughes Memorial cards will be reprinted at the customers request.

All returns should be sent to Hughes Memorial Cards Redmond Place, Wexford, Ireland. All return items should be clearly labelled, well packaged and proof of posting/sending should be obtained.

Any item that is incorrect/faulty must be reported to Hughes Memorial cards within 7 working days from date of receipt and information regarding the fault, quantity, invoice reference should be given.

All items that are to be returned must be returned within 3 days after the initial 7 day notification period.

All complaints will be dealt with within 3 working days from receipt. A full report will be supplied to the customer and remedial action and preventative action will be taken.

Cancellation – Once print has been started or completed no refund can be given. If the order is cancelled prior to print (at artwork stage) the print order can be cancelled. In the event of cancellation prior to print any monies that have been taken will be refunded in full minus the cost for plating/imposing the artwork.

Any material already used will be charged.


Hughes Memorial cards retains ownership of the products till the amount due is paid in full. After delivery of the products the risk of damage or losses are borne by the users.

Once you receive the products, it is assumed you have accepted the products. In case you notice any defects, you will have to notify Hughes Memorial cards within 28 days of delivery by logging into our website. If you did not receive the products at the notified time, you must notify us of the same. When reporting defects, please use the invoice number or delivery note number.

Aspects of personal taste , prints made from your design or poor quality/resolution images supplied by you and change in preferences are not acceptable reasons for issuing a return, cancellation or exchange of products and services from Hughes Memorial cards. We will only undertake to refund or exchange products that have technical flaws or inadequacies as a result of the original image itself being of low or poor quality.

All image sizes mentioned on Hughes Memorial cards are approximate and some variations are to be expected on all products.

Legal Guarantee

The products purchased through Hughes Memorial cards carry a guarantee of six months. If you notice any fault within six months of delivery of product, Hughes Memorial cards will replace or repair the product where such an action is reasonable and possible. If replacement or repair is not possible in this timeframe, Hughes Memorial cards will offer a refund or discount in price. The onus of proving the defect or fault existed at the time of delivery lies on the user to be eligible for such replacement, refund or repair.

Hughes Memorial cards will test the returned product and if there are any wrong claims made by you regarding the product, you may incur additional charges. Hughes Memorial cards will bear the costs of returning the goods if you have the right to return based on legitimate claims of faulty product.

Third Party Rights

Hughes Memorial cards is not responsible for third party rights infringement. Users accept by reading these terms on our website that you undertake to not violate third party copyrights by storing content, data or images on our website. If such violations occur, Hughes Memorial cards is exempt from any responsibility and you assume the sole responsibility.

You are also responsible for ensuring the content and images you upload on website does not violate any penal law, legislations related to child pornography and so on in the regions we operate. Hughes Memorial cards is entitled to examine content uploaded by users but is not obliged in any way to ensure its appropriateness. We may however report any content that is in violation of local laws or regulations to the authorities concerned in the region.

The charges for any legal proceedings that may ensue as a result of the inappropriate content, data, copyright violation or other such infringement of terms are to be borne by you.

Hughes Memorial cards shall not be held responsible and will not be sued for claims, damages, expenses, losses or liabilities, attorney fees for violation of terms specified by Hughes Memorial cards.

Hughes Memorial cards is not responsible or liable for delay or non-delivery of services resulting from events outside of our control. Events outside of our control includes terror attacks, floods, civil commotions and riots, lock-outs, strikes, war or threat of or preparation for war, explosions, storms, hurricanes, earthquake, fire, epidemics, natural disasters, breakdown of public communication networks or inability of subcontractors or vendors to supply required materials.

Hughes Memorial cards will make all attempts to contact and inform you of any changes in case of events outside of our control as soon as possible. Delivery dates will be adjusted according to the prevalent situation and a new date will be given after resolution of the situation.


  • Hughes Memorial cards is not liable for loss of data, images, content that users upload on our website. As per the terms and conditions specified in our website, users are responsible for maintaining backups of all content, data and images they upload on our website. We are also not liable for any discontinuation of service or temporary loss of content.
  • Hughes Memorial cards t is not liable for internet related risks that pertain to uploading of content or images on our website.
  • Hughes Memorial cards also has no liability or obligation or duty in tort or contract or otherwise except as laid down in these terms and conditions. Nothing in these terms limits or excludes Hughes Memorial cards liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence.
  • We, our employees, directors, shareholders and officers are not liable to you or any other agency or individual for loss of revenue, business, profits, data, reputation or goodwill, indirect or consequential damage or loss, costs and other claims.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights related to materials and data published on our website belong to Hughes Memorial cards. The content and materials are protected by copyright laws in the regions we operate.

You are not permitted to modify digital images or copies of any materials that you download from Hughes Memorial cards. No photographs, audio, illustration or videos or any other graphics can be used separately from their accompanying text. You must not copy the appearance or layout of our website nor copy the software codes in the website. You are also not permitted to use or access source code of our website and you cannot reverse engineer or disassemble any component of our website.

Other important terms

  • Hughes Memorial cards reserves the rights to transfer our obligations and rights to another organization without affecting your rights or obligations laid down in these terms
  • You can only transfer the obligations and rights pertaining to you to another party if we provide our agreement in writing. This contract is only valid between you and us. No third party or individual can claim to have any rights of enforcement of terms.
  • If any legal authority or third party contacts us with respect to the content, data, images or graphics stored or provided by you, then you agree by virtue of these terms to provide us with all and any reasonable assistance and information that will be required for us to respond to the legal or third party enquiry.
  • You also hereby agree to provide accurate and quick response to the enquiry if we pass on the query directly to you.